Code of Conduct:

1. Good behavior to staff of the college & students.

2. Participation in the programmes of colleges.

3. Cooperative and positive attitude towards the fellow students and the staff.

4. To maintain peace and foster study atmosphere.

5. Cooperating in the admission of the college.

6. Not to indulge in annular activities.

7. Maintenance of decorum in the class room and in the campus.

8. Peaceful participation in the games ,N.C.C., N.S.S., Red cross and other college organizations.

9.  Wearing Uniform Dress inside the college Campus.


On admission into the colleges student shall pay a fee of Rs.10/-and Rs.21/- for +2 and +3 course respectively for the registration of his/her name in the council/University.

When the name of a student is struck off the college rolls for default of payment of the prescribed college dues or any other reason he/she can be readmitted on payment of a re-entry fee of Rs.2.00 only.

The Registration Receipt is required to be produced at the time of filling up the application form for Examination and also required in the examination hall Hence the receipt must be kept with great care.