Planning Forum

1. The name of the planning forum shall be "Rairangpur College Planning Forum"

2. All student and members of the staff of the college shall be its members.

3. The objects of the forum are:

a) To emphasize largely on the intellectual understanding of the five year plan and the planning process in India

b) To conduct Socio-Economic survey of urban and rural areas.

c) To organize Literacy class during Educational trips Social Service camps and to remote small savings.

d) To organize symposia, essay competitions, general lectures, seminar and plan publicity with in the college.

4.The Affairs of the Forum shall be managed by an Executive Committee consisting of the following.

i) Principal shall be the Ex-0fficio President.

ii) Senior most lecturer in Economics shall be the Ex-officio Vice-President.

iii) Two members of the teaching staff to be nominated by the President.

iv) One student representative from each of the Arts, Commerce, Science classes to be nominated by the Vice-President.

v) A student of Economics of the Senior class shall be nominated as the Asst. Secretary.

5. The Principal is the Final authority in all matters relating to the forums.