The YRC in this college has been functioning and inspiriting the youth for voluntary humanitarian service with effect from the session 1976-77. this society has been registered under ORISSA RED CROSS BRANCH.

AIMS: Health-Service- Friendship.

PRINCIPLES: Humanity, Impartiality, voluntary service, Unity and University etc.

Neutrality, Independence Voluntary service, Unity and Universality etc.


All student's of the college both boys and girls are eligible for the membership students desirous of enrollment in the YRC shall have to apply on plain paper to the counselor at the beginning of the session.


Those students who regularly render their voluntary service of different YRC activities.


Namely chairman, Vice-chairman, Secretary and joint Secretary to be selected from among the active members.


Those students who pay a fee of Rs. 1.00

Fee: (i). A fee of Rs. 2.00 is to be collected from all students at the time of college admission.

(ii)A fee of Rs. 1.00 may be collected-from each students as Annual Associate Membership fee during November, Issue and return of Red Cross Equipment. .

1. Y.R.C Buttons may\be issued to the active members.

2. First Aid books may be issued to the First Aid Trainees. They are required to return the button at the end of the session and the books after the end of First Aid examination and obtain a clearance certificate from the counsellor. Failing to return the materials, disciplinary action will be taken by the principal.

First Aid Training:

Willing students and all Y.R.C members may undergo the training .A fee of RS.6.00 is to be deposited with the counselor for such Training Examination and first aid certificate. One member is to be selected by the counselor as First Aid class Secretary from the trainees.


Delegates are selected by the counselor from the active members to attend the states and National Red Cross Camp.


Special emphasis may be laid on the following activities.

1. Health Habits

2. College Hygiene.

3. Community Hygiene working in the adjoining villages.

4. First Aid training.

5. Voluntary service to the sick and suffering during normal period and during natural calamities.

6. Observance of World Health of 7 th April.

7. Observance of World Red Cross Day on 8 th May.

8. Observance of college Red Cross Day on 5 th December.

9. Baby Show competition.

10. Voluntary Blood Donation.

11. Voluntary humanitarian services as per local need.