College Union:

The name of the Union is the Rairangpur College Student's Union "The following rules constitute the Students" Union of the college.


The term of the college students union is generally one academic session. But the principal is the final authority to take such action in consultation with the staff council as to keep the entire union body including the societies suspended for a certain period, may dissolve the union and the societies. Encase of prevailing grave situation jeopardizing the academic interest of the students. Such decision remains binding on all concerned.


The functions of the Union are detailed below:

a. To organize discussion on the general and academic prolems.

b. To organize debates.

c. All the function should be held by the end of December.

Membership of the union

All bbonafide students of the college except those of +2classes are de-facto members of the college union.

4. The meeting other than that of the Executive Body of the College. Union shall be open to all students of the College other than the +2 students. They have their separate Cultural Association.


The following shall be the office bearers of the college union.

{a} The president {b] The Vice-President {c} The Secretary {d}The Asst. Secretary


The Executive Committee of the college Union shall consist of the following.

a} All office bearers of the college Union .

b} Class Representatives elected from among the +3 classes of Arts, Science and Commerce sections of a class taken separately.

c} One woman representative elected from among the +3 women students of the college.

d} The Adviser.

e} The Associate Adviser(s).


i} a} The Executive Committee of the college Union shall discuss and finalise the budget at its first meeting for the session and decide from time to time all other matters concerning the activities of the Union, in accordance with the provision laid down in calendar.

b} An ordinary meeting of the Executive Committee will be called by the secretary in consultaion with the Adviser. Notice of such meeting with date time place and agenda shall be given to members at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

ii}An Extraordinary meeting of the committee can be called at any time by the Principal.

iii}A meeting of the Executive Committee shall be presided over by the President or in his absence by the vice-president or in the absence of the both by any member of ,the Committee elected at the meeting such election being conducted by the Adviser.

iv}No meeting of the Executive Committee except meeting convened under rule 14(a)of this chapter can be conducted without the Adviser and or/the Asst. Adviser.

v}50% of the members of the committee shall constitute the quorum. Meeting adjourned for want of quorum shall not need a quorum at its next meeting provided three days notice is given to the members.

vi}The minutes of the meeting shall be maintained by the Secretary and a copy thereof shall be communicated to the Principal through the Adviser within two days.