College Library:

The name of our library is the Rairangpur College Library. The members of the staff and the students may, use the library.

1. The college library remains open from 10.30AM. to 430 PM on all working days of the college. The first period of each working day is set apart for office work of the library . No book will be issued during this period. Hhowever the working hours of the library are subject to alteration as and when required.

2. The borrowers should form a queue near the library counter to ascertain the presence of books with proper discipline and submit their requisition slip in the box kept for the purpose. They should write down the name and number of the said book.

3. The book will be issued to the borrowers after I P.M at the library counter with the production of Library card and Identity Card.

4. Return of books must be done before 1 P .M.

5. Students should observe silence and form a queue while receiving and returning the books at the library counter.

6. No book shall be taken out of the library without the knowledge of the Librarian or until it has been properly entered in the loan register and the entry attested by the borrower.

7. Every borrower must examine the condition of the book before it is issued otherwise in case of mutilations discovered later presumption will be against the borrower.

8. The maximum number of books that may be issued to the various classes of Borrowers are as follows:

i) A member of teaching staff of the college 20 A Demonstrator 15

ii) A Laboratory Asst., P.E.T 10

iii) A member of the office staff (Except text books) 3

iv) . A librarian (Except text books) 5

v) A Class IV employee (do) 2

vi) A Student of the college:

a) +2 ,1 st Year Arts, Science, Commerce 01

b) +2,2 nd Year Arts, Science, Commerce 02

c) +3 (Pass) Arts, Sc., Com. 03

d) +3 (Pass) Final Year 05

e) +3 (Hons) Final year 0 6

9. Following is the time allowed to borrowers for return of Library Books. Class of Borrowers Normal Period Maximum Period

a) Member of the 30th of every month 3 month teaching staff

b) Members of the 1 month 3 month Non-teaching staff

c) Students of the college 7 days 14 days

10. All the books borrowed from the library should be returned before the summer vacation.

11. Any books the return of which is required by the Library for some special reason, should be returned forth with.

12. Books must be returned to the library at the counter only.

13. The members of the teaching and non-teaching staff and the students are required to cooperate with decency and dimity for the smooth functioning of the library.

14. A student shall have to pay a fine of Rs.1/-(one) per book for delay in return for each month or for any number of days within a month during the current session. Books returned in the next session i.e. after the summer vacation shall be fined Rs.10/-(ten) per book over and above the fine.

15. A borrower against whom fine is outstanding will not be allowed to borrow books from the library until the books are returned and the fine paid.

16. The library deposits can not be withdrawn so long as the Library dues are cleared.

17. Library clearance certificate can only be issued to the student who has cleared all the dues and produced the receipt in this respect the library counter.

18. The librarian shall report to the lecture-in-charge against persons responsible for the improper use of library book such as making a marginal or other notes tearing or removal of pages, pictures and dirtying or disfiguring the book in any way. The lecture-in-charge. Library will report against those guilty of such offence to the principal for suitable punishment.

19. The names of the defaulter will be issued on 2yth of the succeeding month. A defaulter will borrow books from library only when he produces the money receipt at the library counter to this effect.

20.Certain books may be reserved by the Principal for exclusive use on the recommendation of heads of Departments.

21.Text books will not ordinarily be allowed to be taken.

22.A book once issued to a borrower may be issued to him/her only when nobody else wants to take it. Book before reissued must be handed over first to the Library for necessary entries in the register.

23.It is a serious offence to sign for another and borrow books in another name.

24.The library can be issued only with the actual name of the Library card.

25.The borrower who has lost or damaged or defected any book must replace it. If the book is one set or series and the value can not be ascertained, the whole set or series must be replaced by the borrower. Should the book be not available the borrower may have to pay up to a maximum of triples catalogue price of the book in case the price of the book cannot be ascertained the borrower should pay the amount fixed by the principal.

26.The user of the Library must observe strict silence when they are required to speak to the Library they should speak in low voice None but the member of the staff and the girl student may go inside.

27.Unauthorized persons, who will try to force their way into the Library may be turned out of the Library by the Library staff.

28.The student should take the greatest care of the Library cards. If their cards are lost, they should report to the Librarian immediately so that new cards may be issued.

29.All those who may happen to be inside the library or in the vicinity are expected to observe strict silence. The Librarian is empowered to see that the rules of silence are strictly observed and to report about any willful breach of the rules Lecturers are also expected to use their influence to promote the observance of the rules whenever they are in the Library and to 'report the principal the case of deliberate disobedience and misbehavior.

30. A member of the teaching staff can borrow books from other departments with prior permission from the concerned head of the dept. for a stipulated period only.

31. The students are required to obtain a 'No dues' certificate form before taking C.L.C. from the college.

32. The books will not be issued beyond the quota allotted without special permission.

33. As the Library is the store-house of knowledge, it must be respected by one and all.

34. Books of reference, maps text books, university calendars current issue of periodicals, course of study and rare books shall not be issued for use at home without the special permission of the principal.

35. Those who use the Library are supposed to abide by the rules of the Library, ignorance of these rules will not be considered an excuse for the breach of any rules.

36. The principal will visit the Library at least once in a week.

37. The furniture, almirah and racks should be cleaned brushed at least one in a week.

38. The books should be placed in the proper position soon after the return of books and the index cards must be place forthwith.

39. The librarian is to submit a report every month on the following points.

a. ' Cataloguing of books newly arrived.

b. Binding of torn out books.

c. Binding of Journals and magazines.

d. Pending of Journals and magazines

e. Annual stock taking report (in the month of April)

f. Payment of books and journals in time.

g. Difficulties if any.

40. Library books are not transferable.


The Rairangpur college magazine "KHARKHAI" is published annually to provide necessary scope to the students for the development of their original literary expression.

This also encourages all pertinent expression of culture that may be accommodated in print. The magazine also invites compassion from the learned members of the teaching staff of Rairangpur college to serve as a token of encouragement and guidance to the students.

1. All compositions must be original. The right to publish rests with the editorial board and/or the Lecturer-in-Charge of the college magazine who would decide the fate of each composition offered for publication and would function with prerogatives.

2. Any straight or oblique personal reference damaging to any per is a taboo.

The magazine encourages creative impulse but simultaneously lays weight in standard be fitting to the dignity of the college. The Editor or the Editorial Board would be helpless in relation to compositions that do not reach the bare minimum.

The submitted and the rejected copy of the article will not be returned. Contributors are requested to write in ink and not to use both the sides of a paper.