The Rairangpur College Employees Co-operative Credit and Thrift Society (Regd. NO.19KJA) registered under the O.C.S Act. 1962 has been operating since 8th April 1982. Its area of operation is confined to the employees of the Rairangpur College only.

The society has been established with the following objectives.

1. To borrow funds, from its member and from Co-operative Central Bank and other sources within the maximum borrowing power of the Co-operative society to be utilized for advancing loan to the member for useful purpose.

2. To act as an agent for the joint purposes of the domestic and other equipments of its members.

3. To encourage thrift, self-help and the spirit of co-operation among its members.


( The college has a consumers' co-operative store which is registered under the Orissa Co-operative Societies Act of 1962and has been functioning since 1984. Its area of operation is confined to the students and members of the staff of the college. The store supplies stationery, consumer goods and essential commodities to the students and staff at discount rates besides disseminating knowledge of co-operative Principles among its members.