A platoon of the N.C.C. (PI. NO. 12 under 70) B.N.N.C.C. Bhadrak has been allotted to this college with effect from the session 1977-78.


i)Development of leadership, Character comradeship, spirit of sportsmanship and the ideal of service.

ii)To create forced discipline and trained manpower which in a National emergency can be of assistance to the country.

iii)To provide training to students with a view to develop in them, officer-like qualities thus enabling to obtain commission in the Armed forces.


The N.C.C. training is optional for the students of the college. Students desirous of enrolment in the N.C.C. shall have to fill in application in the prescribed form obtainable from the N.C.C. office. They will be selected to undergo a prescribed course in the N.C.C. training provided they are found physically fit.


i) A cadet enrolled in the N.C.C. has no liability to tender active service in any of the Armed forces of the Union of India.

ii) A cadet shall obey and carry out the orders and directions of any person who is placed in command over him


The following actions will constitute breach of discipline.

i) When on Parade, engaged in service duty or wearing uniform.

a) Resorting to strike or violence or use of threatening or insubordinate language to or behaviour with contempt towards the superior officer.

b) Disobedience to nay standing order of or lawful command given by his superior officer

c) Negligence in obeying general or unit order.

d) Remaining in a state of intoxication.

i) Failing to perform any part of training without sufficient cause.

ii) Failing to appear without sufficient cause on parade or to fulfill any other work assigned to him in his capacity as a member of the crops or quitting the ranks without sufficient cause.

iii)Making away or being concerned with making away with any property belonging to Govt.

iv)Deliberately damaging such property.

v)Falsely personifying any other person on parade or on any occasion or abetting any such acts of personation.


A full set of clothing and equipment is issued to each cadet and the cadets are responsible for their up keep and maintenance. They are required to return all such items of issue intact at the end of the session and obtain a clearance certificate from the platoon commander. Failure to submit the clearance certificate in Principal office any be followed by disciplinary action and non-admission to the University Exam. and non-acceptance of the college fees.


i) A cadet enrolled in the N.C.C. is required to undergo a minimum period of training of four hour a week consisting of two parades.

ii) A cadet is also required to attend the annual Training Camps of 10 days duration in the course of his 3 years of service in the N.C.C. and social service Camp if and when necessary.

iii) A cadet to be eligible for promotion should attend at least 80% of the N.C.C. Parades.

iv) Besides normal training social service camp and adventures training may be introduced into the syllabus.