The College Society:

The Athletic Club:

The following is the constitution of the Rairangpur College Athletic Club.

1. The club shall consist of members of the staff and students with the Principal as the Ex-Officio-President.

a) The Principal as the Ex-Officio-President.

b) A member of the teaching staff nominated by the Principal as its Vice President

c) Three members of the teaching staffs including Officer-in- charge of +2 stream nominated by the Principal as members.

d) The Physical Education Teacher.

e) A Secretary and an Asst. Secretary to be elected by the students excepting +2( at the Annual College Election).

f) One Representative from each class +2 stream. (Arts, Science and Commerce) and +3 (Arts and Science) Counted separately.

g) Three women representatives, one each from traditional +2 stream and +3 stream elected I nominated.

h) Captain of Football, Volleyball, Cricket and such other organized outdoor games as might exist in the College.

a) All class representatives as well as the secretary and Assistant Secretary shall be elected at the Annual General Elections and nominee in case of +2 students.

b) The election to different offices of the 'Athletic Club' is open to all the students.

c) The class representatives will be elected/nominated by the members of the class which they represent.

d) The Athletic Council will elect /nominate representatives and also the Secretary in case there are vacancies owing to one or more members of them leaving the college during a session.

e) The captain of each out door game shall, however be nominated by the President, the Vice-President and the Physical Instructor of the club.

f) Vice -captain of each out door game shall be nominated by the captain of respective teams in consultation with the Vice-President of the club.

a) The council's tenure of offices shall be for one session only.

b) The Vice-President shall carryon the work in the following session till the elections take place or he may nominate another Secretary to carryon the work until a new one is elected.

c) If the work of the elected Secretary is found to be unsatisfactory he might be asked by the president to resign and another Secretary nominated by him is to carry on the work till the next election.

d) If a captain absents himself from the field continuously for fifteen days without sufficient reason he will ip-so-facto cease to be the Captain.

e)The football captain elected in the previous session shall continue to be the captain till the next election ,if he joins in the following session.

f)If the football Captain elected in the previous session does not join the college in the following session the vice-captain elected in previous shall serve as captain in the following session till the elections are held.

If both football Captain and Vice-Captain elected in the previous session, do not join the college in the beginning of the session, the Vice-president shall nominate a captain till the next election is held. If he finds that work cannot be managed without a Captain.

a) To consider the budget prepared by a Sub-committee consisting of the Vice-President, P. E. T. Secretary and Captains.

b) General Management of the club.

c) promotion of games and sports among students.

a) He will be in-charge of A/c and all correspondence in connection there with including the indent and purchase of sports articles.

b) He will be the general supervisor of games.

c) He shall be the chairman of all sub-committees which will consist of the Lecture in-Charge of the games. The P.E.T. the secretary and the Asst. Secretary.

a) He will convene all the General Body and Subcommittee meetings.

b) He will organize college games and sports with the assistance of the Captains, Asst. Secretary and the Vice-Captains of the respective games and the Asst. Secretary.

c) He will conduct all correspondences assigned to him by the vice-president. He shall prepare and read out the Annual Report in the Annual Prize Giving Function of the Council.

a) He will assist the Secretary in discharging his official functions.

b)He will discharge the duties of the Secretary during the absence of the former.


a) They will select players for friendly and competitive matches.

b) They will be in-charge of grounds set apart for Games in their Charge.

c) They will assist the Secretary and Asst. Secretary in the organization of the College Games.


The P.E.T. shall perform the following works under the direct supervision of the Vice-President, (D.P.I.) Orissa's Letter no. 36584/dt.14.8.80

a) To maintain the corresponding registers:

b) To attend all correspondence and maintain files.

c) To Prepare students for all types of competitions at University / State level.

d) To look after the playground.

e) To do such work in connection with college games and sports as the V.P. assigns to him.

12.(A) Multi-Gym Rules:

Body fitness is the first and foremost requirement of every student and staff. This is fulfilled through the multi-gym aided out of U.G.C sanction.

1. The multi-gym will function everyday in two phases i.e (i) Morning session from 6A.M. to 9A.M and (ii)Evening session -from 4P.M. to 8P.M.

2. Caretakers in both the sessions will be deployed with a minimum remuneration of Rs. 300/- (Three hundred) only per month.

3. The maintenance fee will be collected from the interested students in way of monthly fee and admission fee.

a) The admission fee will be RS.100/- (Rupees one hundred) only for students both +2&+3 per session.

b) RS.30/-(Rupees Thirty) only will be collected from each participant as monthly fee.

c) A non-collegiate can also be allowed to come and use the multi-gym with admission fee of Rs.300/- (Rupees three Hundred) only and with a monthly fee of RS.60/-(Rupees Sixty) only.

d) Interested staff members of the college are allowed to use the multi-gym without any fee.

e) The authority reserves every right to deny non-collegiate even though he/she fulfill the terms and conditions of using the multi-gym.

f) A group comprising of six students will be allowed to use the multi-gym at a time for not more than 20 minutes.

g) No participant will be allowed for second time to use the multi-gym in a day.

h) A register will be used for the purpose of entry and exit.

i) Identity card shall be issued to the non-collegiate participants for their entry.

j) Any breakage or damage/loss caused by any participant will be realized from him /her as required.

k) All participants are expected to maintain healthy discipline and decorum inside the hall failing which appropriate action will be taken against him/her by the authority.

I) The Principal has every right to change/modify/add any rule to the above as required.

a) Annual contributions from the students as Athletic club fees at the time of admission.

b) Annual contribution from the students as CHSE Sports Fee/University sports fee at the time of admission.

c)Other contribution / Donation / Aid Govt. Grants received by the college.


The constitution of D.S. Association is as follows.

1. The name of the Association shall be "The Day Scholars Association"

2. The object of the Association is to take up such activities as will foster a spirit of fellowship and co-operation among the day scholars of the college.

a) To organize annual competitions of general nature and knowledge etc.

b) To celebrate Pujas.

3. All the day scholars of the college are members of the Association and will pay an annual subscription of Rs. 6/- each will be released along with the college dues in June and July.

4. There shall be a Censor of the D.S.A. appointed by the Principal from among the staff.

5. The Vice-President of the D.S.A. shall be ex-officio President and shall preside over all meeting of the Association except the annual meeting. He may appoint a deputy from among the members of the staff to take his place as President. If he is unable to attend the meeting. The Principal or his nominee will preside over for annual General Meeting of the Association.

6. a) There shall be a Secretary an Asst. Secretary and class representative elected from among the day scholars of the college at the annual General College Union Election.

b) The Secretary with the approval of the president shall organize all functions of Association and shall be in charge of minutes and correspondence and in the absence of the Secretary, the Asst. Secretary will do the work of the Secretary.

7. There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of:

a) The Vice-President, b) The Secretary,

c) Asst. Secretary d) One student representative from each class, Science and Arts session of class being counted separately.

8. The funds of the Association shall be under the direct control of the Principal. All expenditure incurred by the association shall be subject to his approval and Scrutiny.

9. The Principal shall be the final authority in all matters relating to the Association.


The following is the constitution of the college Dramatic Society.

1. The name of the society shall be - "The Rairangpur College Dramatic Society."


I) To encourage the cultivation of Dramatic art among the members by arranging a theatrical performance or performances by any other means incidental or conducive to this as the committee of the management may from time to time determine.

ii) To administer the fund that may be available for the achievement of the society.

3. All students of the college (Excepting +2 students) are members of the Society.

4. For the management of all the matters connected with the society, there shall be a committee or management.

5. The committee of management shall consist of

i) Principal (Ex-Officio President)

ii) Vice-president- A member of the staff, nominated by the Principal.

iii) Associate Vice-President - A members of the staff nominated by the Principal.

iv) Secretary and the Asst. Secretary - To be elected by all students of the college from among themselves.

v) Class Representative: One from each class, the Arts, Science and Commerce sections of a class being counted separately.

6. At the beginning of each session election shall be held to the different offices at the Annual College Union Election.

7. After election is over there shall be a meeting of the members of the society. In this meeting the account of the previous year shall be received from the out going secretary and newly elected office bearers shall assume office.

8. Committee of management shall perform the following duties:

1. The name of the Association shall be-" The Day Scholars Association"

a) Decide the drama to be performed and fix the date or dates of performances. The decision shall be subject to Principal's approval.

b) Prepare and pass the budget for the year.

c) Have the expenditure in connection with the drama audit within 15 working days after the staging of drama.

9. In furtherance of his duties the Secretary shall convene meeting and keep a record of the proceedings of these meetings and keep all the account of the Society up-to-date.

10. The quorum of an ordinary meeting of the committee of the management shall be five.

11. The Principal May alter a menu or abrogate any or all these rules at his discretion


1. The object of the Guild is:

i)To grant stipends to the needy and deserving students.

ii) To form a volunteer corps in the town for rendering help of the destitute at the time of flood and other natural calamities.


a) Each student of the college shall contribute a monthly subscription of Rs. 1.00 towards the guild fund.

.b) Members of the college staff may make voluntary annual contribution.

c) High officials and well-to-do public men are occasionally approached for donation towards the fund.

d) The beneficiaries of the Guild Fund are excepted to refund the money they receive after they are settled in the life and to sign an undertaking to that effect.

3. Working:

i) The Principal as the Ex-officio president will control the fund of the Guild.

ii) There is an Executive Committee for the control of the following.

a) President-Principal (Ex-Officio)

b) Vice-President and Treasurer-Nominated by the Principal from among the staff.

c) Secretary and Asst. Secretary elected from among the students.

d)One class representative selected from each class the Arts and Science sections of a class being counted separately.

iii) Election to fill up the vacancies of this society will be held at the Annual college Election.

iv) The Honorary Treasurer will maintain accounts and disbursements.

v) The duties of the Secretary are:

a) To convene the General and Executive Body meeting of the Social Service Guild.

b) To record the proceedings of all meetings.

c) To invite applications for help from students of the college.

d) To organize student volunteers to raise funds for improving financial position of the guild.

e) To work through out with a view to realising the objects of the Guild as laid down in items 2 above.

f) To prepare with the help of the Honorary Treasurer and to submit to the Annual General Meeting, Annual Report of the working of the guild along with the accounts of the previous year.

4. Poor and deserving students of the college receive help for a period of 10 months during a session ordinarily from August to May.

5.The Principal is the final authority in all matters relating to the Guild.