Academic Session:

The Academic Session of the college is from 1st June to 31st May. The College session begins in July after the summer vacation.


Admission begins after the Publication of the results of Board. CHSE and Utkal University Examination North Orissa University Examination and continues till the 1stdate as noted below. Further, the admission in to Honours classes shall be completed within the time limits for admission. The time limits may some times be superseded by the Govt. order.

The time limits for admission:

The North Orissa University / CHSE, Orissa has prescribed the following time limits for admission into college for different classes.


The classes to which admission is sought

Time limits for admission


+2, For students passing the Annual Examination.

Within six weeks ( 42 days) since passing the qualifying/the date of reopening of the college after the summer vacation.

In exception cases with the permission of the University / CHSE three weeks more with late fee of Rs.10.00 in each case.


+2, For students passing the Supplementary H.S.C.

Within two weeks ( 14 days) since the publication of results with out late admission fee plus 10 days with approval of late fee of Rs.10.00 in each case.


1 st University Course ( For students passing the +2 Annual Examination.)

Within six weeks ( 42 days) since passing the qualifying the date of reopening of the college after the summer vacation without late admission fee plus three weeks (21 days) with approval of the University on payment of late admission fee of Rs.5.00.


+3, course in Arts / Science/ Commerce.

Within two weeks ( 14 days) since the publication of results with out late admission fee plus 10 days with approval of the University on payment of late fee of Rs.5.00 in each case.

N.B. -

1) The attendance at lectures, tutorials and practicals will be calculated from the date of admission and a minimum attendance is must.

2) This rules is subject to change as and when necessary as per the instructions of the D.H.E. Orissa and Director, CHSE, Orissa.

3) Single date admission system may be supplemented on the dicision of the staff council.


All the correspondence must be addressed to the principal by designation and not by name.


Each student must register his/her address in the college office. Any subsequent change in the address must be intimated to the college office immediately in writing .


Cycles must be kept in the proper place meant for them and it should be locked up for safety. Cycles must not be taken into the verandahs or the corridors. Cycles must have their licenses. Riding cycles on the college premises is not allowed. Double riding is strictly prohibited in the college campus. Double lock should be used for safety against any theft. The authorities will not be responsible for loss of such vehicle. .


Tuition fees must be paid on the days fixed for their collection. If the fees and default fines are not paid by the last working date of the pupils name is liable to struck off the rolls and may only be readmitted on payment of previous dues and fines are admissible under rules.

Private clubs and teams:

Students of the college are forbidden (i) to belong to any outside Athletic club or society which is not approved by the Government and (ii) to play for any team other than the college team without prior permission of the Principal.

Permission to go playing outside the station:

When a match is to be played outside Rairangpur, the members of the team and the other students who wish to accompany the team must obtain leave of absence from the Principal, Boarders of the hostel must apply to the superintendent for permission to stay away.


(i) No permission is required for college students other than the boarders of Hostels and recognized messes to attend political meeting but they should not conduct themselves into undesirable prominence and they must not take any active part in the proceedings it is be borne in mind ,however, that college exists for the purpose of education and political in colleges should be dealt with in a scholarly way in the form of lectures and thoughtful address The principal may however prohibit all students from attending a political meeting if he apprehends a breach of peace or arousal of communal feelings (Article No.114page 81 of the Orissa Education Code).

(ii) Pasting placards and other papers and disfiguring college walls door and windows with pencil chalk etc are strictly prohibited.

(iii) Spitting on the walls, floors, pillars and doors of the college is strictly prohibited.

(iv) They must not tamper with the light, fan switches any other article of the college.


Violation of any of the college rules and continuous absence without leave are regarded as the most serious breach of college discipline.


Any breach of discipline may entail punishment by a fine expulsion or rustication on the recommendation of the disciplinary committee duly constituted by the principal.


Identity card will be issued to each student at the beginning of the academic session Identity card containing the photo and other particulars of the student shall be produced at the beginning of each session to the principal for his signature Any student not possessing the identity card in the class room meeting or on any other occasion may be deprived of his right as a student and shall be dealt with in such manner as the principal may deem fit .A duplicate identity card can be issued only on satisfactory examination in an application and on payment of RS.50/- towards cost and service charge of the same.

Application for college leaving certificate should be submitted at-least three days before the date on which the certificate is wanted by the applicant. For such certificate the applicant should get the certificate of clearance of dues if any in the prescribed form from different sections of the college and submit the same on the second day of the submission of application in order to be eligible to get the certificate on the third day. The charge for instant issue of CLC is Rs.50/- and that of the conduct certificate is Rs.10/-


A duplicate mark sheet may be issued to a student on payment of RS.8/- in the college office . A duplicate T.C./CLC can be issued only on the production of an affidavit paper advertisement & FIR-at police station and application from the guardian and on payment of RS.100/- .